XUI.one v1.9 update



NEW: Automatic product configuration issue detection system (beta)

NEW: You can now set if clients are allowed to change line password from clientarea

Owner mode:

FIX: Another issue where sometimes reseller was not found when adding credits

Reseller mode:

FIX: Mag only product

FIX: Trial and ISP lock issues

XUI.one v1.4 update

v1.4 All modes: NEW: Extra validation for mag macs (enable in settings) FIX: issue where playlist links ignored if module used SSL or not. FIX: Issue where MAG was not suspended when its part of streaming line product. FIX: Issue where MAG was not unsuspended when its part of streaming line product. FIX: Possible issue with WHMCS cron ...

XUI.one v1.3 update


Reseller mode:

Fixed: Issue where lines created from trial packages become expired.

Admin mode:

Fixed: Issue where in some cases module status page shows connection failed.

Fixed: Renewing line adds time to existing time if line not expired.

Fixed: Issue where line was generated with wrong max connections attribute.

XUI.one v1.2 update


Contains few hotfixes for critical bugs found in v1.1 when module in owners mode.

FIX: Possible issues with wrong expire date

FIX: Possible issues with bouquets disappearing

FIX: Change streaming line password

FIX: Renew streaming line